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American Ship Finance Partners provides companies with the services that are required to go public through the CPC method. We help you in finding the right CPC for your business, then we assist you in the process leading to the successful conclusion of the reverse merger.

What is a Capital Pool Company (CPC)?
A Capital Pool Company (CPC) is an alternative for a company either unable or not ready to go public via a conventional Initial Public Offering (IPO) of it's shares.

The CPC program permits a newly created company, with a relatively small cash infusion (from the ounders/Promoters of the CPC), no assets nor operating business, to raise cash from a minimum of 200 investors, via an initial public offering of the CPC's shares, and list the CPC's shares for trading on the TSX Venture Exchange.

Benefits of CPC
The CPC program offers a public vehicle that makes sense for many companies and their investors. In particular, the CPC program:

Provides a quick, efficient and economical way to list a company on TSX Venture Exchange
Enables companies to raise funds to cover the cost of due diligence and going public
Offers liquidity and visibility to seed and private company investors
generates a clean public vehicle that may be an attractive takeover option for a private company
Incorporates regulatory safeguards that help protect all parties throughout the CPC process
Fosters an attractive environment for risk-tolerant investors from the general public to promotethe formation of capital
Offers the opportunity for an entrepreneur to maintain greater control of their company and the process provides access to seasoned management and financiers for a private company
Adds an element of certainty to the private company in the going public process

This Program is the most cost advantageous for a company to go public anywhere in the world. The costs are fixed at €265.000. Once the closing has occurred, the company trades on the TSXV for approximately 5 days and can than move to the big board TSX, based on the size of the assets and meeting the usual requirements. For viable projects, raise-ups of upwards of $100-million have been successfully concluded in Canada. Also, once listed here you can list a company on almost any Exchange in the world. For example, you can, by filing a form C-2-11 trade on NASDAQ or go on Amex and/or Frankfurt, without having to follow their usual procedures.

The Toronto Stock Exchange is the sixth largest Exchange in the world and has reciprocal agreements with most of the major Exchanges around the world. Once listed, the company could obtain a listing on any Exchange in the U.S.A or Europe without having to submit to the regular procedures.

So, you can see that we can very well accommodate your companies and, at a lot less money and a lot faster. (Usually within 90 – 120 days). Since CPC’s are specifically formed to enter into a reverse merger with an ongoing business, there is no history or “skeletons” to be concerned about.

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